10 Men Who Lost 100-Plus Pounds—and How They Did It

“Admit you have a problem—and go from there.”

John Pasquale, the director of sales and marketing for Hard Rock Cafe, says he’s always been husky. But it was a photo from the NFL Draft that made him turn to his brother and admit he had an issue. At 426 pounds, he decided to try gastric-sleeve surgery. It worked—he dropped 140 pounds. But to get from 280 down to his current weight of 238, he needed to adopt—and maintain—a weight-loss and workout program. For Pasquale, admitting to himself that he had a problem was key. “Until you want to do something, nothing anybody says or does will make you want to do it. I watch everything I eat every day and work out five to seven times a week,” he explains. “It’s so easy to go back to old habits. You have to have the mental strength and discipline to stick to it.” Stuck in a weight-loss plateau? These are the tips you need to get yourself out of it.

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