10 Habits To Staying Skinny Forever

The true challenge in the world of weight loss is keeping weight off once you’ve successfully lost it. It’s relatively simple enough to count calories and exercise your way across a finish line.

But what happens after you reach your goal? Obviously, going back to your old habits will only just hurt you.

If you’re not sure what to do now that you’re skinny and want to stay that way, then read on for the 10 habits to skinny forever.

Remember the hard part is done, now all you have to do is be consistent with these newer habits—habits that can help you stay skinny without exercise (if that’s what you want).


1. Keep track of what you eat

Don’t throw away your food logs just because you’ve reached your goal. Little things can and will sneak back into your diet, and you must be aware of them before they get out of hand. Keep watching what you eat.

2. Stay active

You don’t need to maintain a vigorous exercise regime anymore, though it would not hurt if you did. Keep your body active however you can, and avoid becoming sedentary.

3. Stay hydrated.

Dehydration is no joke. Staying hydrated is staying healthy. Continue to opt for water over other sugary drinks, though feel free to sparingly work them back into your diet. Aim for at least 3 litres of water a day.

4. Eat without distraction.

Savor every single bite of food you take, and stop when you are full. Do not allow yourself to slip into mindless, automatic eating. Be aware of every bite you take.

5. Eat more at the start of your day.

Make sure you are eating breakfast. Keep your lunches at noon, and your dinners reasonably early. Eating late at night will cause weight to come back.


6. Weigh yourself regularly.

Keep track of how things are going. Weigh yourself once a week at first, and then taper off onto only occasional weighings if you have been successful in keeping the weight off. If you have not, make changes as soon as you notice weight returning.

7. Be consistent, but not boring with your food.

Consistency is key in maintaining a healthy diet, but too much of the same causes food boredom which can end with you eating out more and more. Spice things up now and again with your own homemade food, but stick to your healthy foods more often than not.

8. Continue to strive for a healthier lifestyle.

There are always ways to improve. See what changes you are willing and able to further make, and monitor how they go to see if they work for you. Nix them if they don’t help, even if they have helped someone else.

9. Stay accountable.

Continue to go to the gym, or weight loss meetings, or whatever community you found support in while you were losing weight. If they were worth their (lost) weight in gold, they will continue to be valuable resources for support. If not, hold yourself accountable.

10. Regularly eat the 5 “wonder” veggies

I have a skinny friend and no matter what she eats, she does not gain weight. One of her many secrets to staying skinny is that she balances her appetite for burgers and fries with wholesome, nutrient dense vegetables.

On the recommendation of nutrition expert John Barban, she regularly adds 5 “wonder” veggies for women to her meals. These vegetables keep her metabolism humming and her body naturally slim.

Numerous studies have shown that when women added these 5 common vegetables to their diets, their metabolisms increased significantly.

By just adding these 5 wonder veggies to their meals, women were also able to lose a considerable amount of weight regardless of their lifestyle and current eating habits.

John has created a video to explain how just eating these 5 “wonder” veggies for women can make any woman at any age slimmer and fitter.

If you’re a woman who have struggled to stay slim in the past, you owe it to yourself to watch John’s video.

Click here to watch the video now (the 5 wonder veggies are disclosed in the 1:05 mark).

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